January 04, 2010

"Try on" theatre! It might just fit!

Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble
New friends!

There is a lot written in the media about how team and even individual sports can boost your child’s self-confidence. So what does a parent do if a child is not interested in sports? Theater is a great way for a child to explore the world around them and themselves. The following are just some of the benefits of theater in a child’s life.

• Improves communication skills
• Helps develop the ability to think critically
• Gives an opportunity to express oneself
• Encourages cooperation with others in achieving a joint goal
• Helps develop moral and spiritual values
• Helps a child explore oneself
• Helps develop sensitivity and understanding of the feelings of others
• Provides a safe and welcoming environment
• Offers one-on-one attention for the socially challenged
• Fosters peer acceptance and self-worth
• Teaches responsibility and accountability
• Provides a creative outlet

All of these skills are valuable to children in school and in their future careers. Many adults suffer from a crippling fear of public speaking. A child who is on stage performing at a young age learns these skills early and will be able to incorporate them into school presentations and future board room meetings.

Camp is a great way to determine if theater is something your child is interested in. Theatre Action Project hosts a spring break camp and 8 weeks of summer camps. This is the perfect safe place for your child to “try on” theater to see if it suits them.

Info about Theatre Action Project's Spring Break Camp "Playmakers!":

Who: Grades 5th-12th

When: March 15-19, 2010, 9:00-4:30 (extended care available)

Where: Griffin School

What: Students learn about theatre and create a piece together that they will perform on Friday. Cost: $200.00

Registration coming soon! For more info email: sarah@theatreactionproject.org

Until Next Time,
Julie Flores (Parent/Teacher/Child Advocate/TAP volunteer)

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